Lifestlye Induced Rehabilitation

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Our comprehensive approach to managing lifestlye disease induced conditions encompasses a range of specialized services aimed at improving your quality of life and promoting long-term wellness. From tailored strength and conditioning programs to personalized pain management strategies and Rehabilitation plans, we provide continuous, coordinated care to combat lifestyle disease induced challenges.

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Are you experiencing any of these issues ?
  • Weight induced joint pain
    Weight induced joint pain
  • Breathing & Respiratory Issues
    Breathing & Respiratory Issues
  • Knee & Hip Pain
    Knee & Hip Pain
  • Posture Related Pain
    Posture Related Pain
  • Imbalance in Homeostasis
    Imbalance in Homeostasis
  • Loss of Muscular Strength
    Loss of Muscular Strength

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Client Testimonials

I have struggled with lifestyle-induced health issues for a while. After a consultation with the doctor, she recommended subscribing to the Lifestyle Induced Rehabilitation plan, and it was a game changer. Now, I lead a healthy, disciplined routine and take care of my physical health effectively. Thank you, Team!

Dr. Sanjay Poojari is definitely the person to work with if you want to change your physical lifestyle. He incorporated practices into my routine that have improved my overall lifestyle, and I feel much better. I have even started playing badminton again. Thank you, Dr. Sanjay and team.

The Lifestyle Induced Rehabilitation program is worth investing in. From my health companion to the training sessions and overall support, I was impressed with the care provided. You don't often see this level of dedication in today's world. Keep up the good work!

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Tata MD is here to support you on your journey to better health. By taking proactive steps and making informed decisions, individuals can lead a fulfilling life while managing diabetes effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I opt for Tata MD Lifestyle Induced rehabilitation plan?
Lifestyle conditions such as Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid disorders, and Hypertension can lead to significant physical challenges. Our comprehensive approach to managing these conditions encompasses a range of specialized services aimed at improving your quality of life and promoting long-term wellness. To know more Call us @ 9035522313
How does the personalized True Wellness Meter work?
 The True Wellness Meter tracks your recovery progress consistently, enabling personalized adjustments to your treatment plan based on real-time data to ensure optimal recovery outcomes. 
Will my insurance cover the cost of Lifestyle Induced Rehabilitation plan?
You can reach out to our care team 9035522313 to know more
Is online consultation available at Tata MD?
Yes, all consultations can be completed virtually. To know more click here
Can I add extra sessions to my care package?
Yes, additional physiotherapy, nutrition consultations, mind coach sessions, specialist consultations, and more can be added at additional cost.
Can I receive Tata MD services at home? 
Yes, Tata MD offers at home services at additional cost. To know more call us @ 9035522313

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