Men's Health

Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) remains a leading cause of death globally, affecting both men and women. CVD in India is remarkably higher than what is being experienced at a global level.

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) requires embracing a heart-healthy lifestyle and consistently managing risk factors. Our team of experts collaborates to ensure this process is accessible and convenient for you.

Across various age groups, statistics indicate that men tend to exhibit higher rates of both substance use and dependence on addictive substances compared to women.

With continous support, open communication, consistent follow-ups, and the expertise of our specialists, early-stage addiction can be compassionately addressed. This journey paves the way for recovery, nurturing your overall well-being and helping you rediscover your optimal self.

A greater percentage of men (50%) have high blood pressure than women (44%). Raised blood pressure is among the most important risk factors for CVDs. Moreover, it remains poorly controlled due to low awareness about hypertension, lack of appropriate care through primary care and poor follows up.

Recognition and appropriate treatment of Hypertension in older adults should be a priority. We believe a wholesome treatment includes constant monitoring, regular checkups and, an active lifestyle. Our experts will help you create an effective plan, monitor your progress, and keep you motivated.

The most common issues observed in Men's Health

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Obesity
  • Substance Abuse
    (Eg: Alcohol & Smoking)
  • Nutritional
  • Lung Health
  • Lifestyle-Related
  • Thyroid
  • Allergies

Nurturing Men's Well-Being: Tata MD's Holistic Approach

Tata MD's men's care caters to your unique health needs throughout life. We blend medical, physical, and emotional considerations for your well-being.From adolescence to adulthood and beyond, we're proactive with preventive measures, regular check-ups, and open discussions. Heart health, sexual well-being, mental resilience, and life management are key focuses.

With a balanced lifestyle, early awareness, and expert guidance, our men's care guides you to a fulfilling life. It's about empowering your vitality. Your well-being is our goal, and we're by your side on this journey.