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At Tata MD, we invite you to experience a transformative approach to healthcare, where your well-being is our priority! Through proactive, personalized care enriched by clinical expertise and digital advancements, we're ushering in a new era of patient-centeric health experiences.

Proactive Care

We consistently observe and manage personal well-being proactively for early identification and prevention, nurturing a collaborative and personalized healthcare path.

Continuous and Connected Care

We emphasize continuity of care ensuring adherence to care for a seamless and holistic experience. Our commitment to connected care brings together patients, specialists, and data, fostering a collaborative and precise approach.

Patient-Centric  Approach
Patient-Centric Approach

We provide a customized and comprehensive care plan to ensure that we address each individual's unique needs and preferences, creating a comfortable, convenient, and transparent path to recovery and improvement.

Closer to Home

We deliver care in most convinient way which includes in-person care, virtual care, at-home care, and near-home care.

Personalised Care

Stay connected with dedicated health companions and experts. Enjoy uninterrupted access for ongoing support, personalized recovery plans, and assistance throughout your healthcare journey.

Our Care Services

Exhausted from managing healthcare for you and your family.
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Chronic Care Management - Proactive and Continuous

Empowered by our team of skilled doctors and experts, we create tailored care strategies for more than 50 chronic conditions. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to listen and support you every step of the way.

Your Journey with Tata MD

Experience a transformative health journey

Step 1
Step 1
Register with us

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Step 2
Step 2
Initial tests, consultation and assessments

Interact with our team of doctors to thoroughly assess your condition and have a detailed conversation about your health

Step 3
Step 4
Free consultation with specialists

Consult with our specialists and understand your detailed careplanogram

Step 2 A
Base Wellness Meter
Step 4
Step 4
SUBSCRIBE to achieve your Healthcare goals

Specialist designs your personalised care plan

Step 5
Step 5
Proactive Continuous Care Journey Starts *
Step 5 B
Personalised Care Planogram
Step 5 C
True Wellness Meter
Step 7
Care Everywhere and Anywhere
Step 7 A
Care at Health Centre
  • - Doctor consultations
  • - Labs/Imaging
  • - Pharmacy
Step 7 B
Care through platform
  • - Omnichannel care team
  • - One App for all your needs
Step 7 C
Care near Home
  • - Mobile centres
  • - Mobile Van visits
Step 7 D
Care at Home
  • - Medicine delivery
  • - Collection of samples
  • - Physiotherapy
* An expert care team will work on your healthcare needs comprising of multi-specialist, doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapist, mental health coaches, and allied specialists to provide the best possible care for you. Throughout your journey, a health companion will be there, not just to address health concerns but also to ensure a healthier and happier life for you.

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