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With years of experience in the medical and health care field, TATA MD has curated a healthcare model which is more patient-centric. We are dedicated to providing proactive and personalized care, enhanced by clinical expertise and digital advancements, to usher in a transformative era of health experiences.

Our Specialisations

Taking care of ongoing health issues means we need to be proactive and cover all aspects of care, including personalized attention and lifestyle changes. We're here to help with over 25 different chronic conditions, providing specialized care for each one.

Overall Health and Wellness

Empower yourself with TATA MD to truly embrace your well-being. Take an active role in nurturing your overall health—foster positive habits, make self-care a priority, and set out on a journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Discover our packages designed to cater to your individual needs and those of your entire family.

Advantages of Becoming a Tata MD Member

Explore a wealth of benefits designed for your well-being, all in one place.

Beyond Consultation: Understand your journey with Tata MD

Experience a Transformative Healthcare Journey

Step 1
Step 1
Register with us

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Step 2
Step 2
Talk to our team of Doctors

Engage briefly with our skilled team of doctors to explore your journey and receive their expert advice.

Step 3
Step 2
Become a Tata MD member!

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Step 4
Step 2
Initial tests, consultation and assessments

Collaborate with our team of compassionate doctors and allied health experts for a comprehensive evaluation of your condition

Step 5
Step 2
Consultation with Specialists

Engage in consultations with experienced specialists to grasp the details of your personalized care plan. Subsequently, a dedicated care team will be assigned to support you.

Step 6
Step 5
Proactive Continuous Care Journey Starts
Step 5 B
Personalised Care Planogram
  • Specialist consultations
  • Weekly assessments & monitoring
  • Physiotherapy, training and counselling
  • Nutrition counselling and plan
  • Mental health counselling
Step 5 C
True Wellness Meter
  • Regularly monitor and track your progress towards your health goals afor a transparent and informed journey
Step 7
Care Everywhere and Anywhere
Step 7 A
Care at Health Center
  • - Doctor Consultations
  • - Labs
  • - Scans
  • - Nursing
Step 7 B
Care through virtual platform via app ​
  • - TATA MD app to track and monitor your progress ​
  • - All the reports and communication on one platform​
  • - Access from anywhere at anytime ​
Step 7 C
Care near Home
  • - Mobile centres
  • - Mobile van visits
Step 7 D
Care at Home
  • - Medicine delivery
  • - Collection of samples
  • - Physiotherapy

Discover and experience a comprehensive healthcare solution right at your fingertips

Unlock a new era of healthcare with our user-friendly app, putting personalized care and wellness tools right at your disposal.​

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