Senior Web Application Developer

In this role one shall be responsible to design, build, test, implement, and maintain elastic, secure, fault-tolerant, high-performance, scalable systems, that are cloud native.

5-7 years



Job Description

As a Sr Web Application Developer , one will be required to use a variety of internet technologies, techniques and tools such as graphics software applications and object-oriented languages (for example Java, NoSQL, AWS services and Angular JS) to create web applications and web page elements such as user interface features, site animation, special-effects, databases, and e-business applications.


Work with engineers and developers to ensure maximum performance, reliability and automation of deployments and infrastructure. Lead development projects and liaise with external consultants or vendors to integrate new web products with existing web applications to improve the functionality or design of the platform and drive innovation through rapid prototyping and iterative development. Communicate with functional or operational area managers and other specialists to design web applications and web pages that are consistent with agreed specifications and with consistent with the overall design and architecture of platform and keep technical documentation regarding the website current and accurate to assist with website maintenance and upgrades. Will also require to analyze, investigate, and solve technical problems associated with web pages and web applications and recommend improvements in order to minimize disruptions to the platform's web service.

Research and test new web products and integrate them with existing web applications to improve the functionality or design of the organization’s website and coach, train and mentor a team of developers.


Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering or related technical field along with 5-7 years of development experience in Java-based web applications, using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud frameworks; 3 years’ experience in development of scalable, reliable and highly available cloud native services and APIs using micro services architecture patterns, and REST principles. Understanding of SDLC and a strong proponent of Agile/Lean software development methodology.

Good to have skill

Knowledge of the following technologies is a must. Experience leading full stack development of cloud native solutions that run on AWS cloud infrastructure - RDS/PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Messaging services (SQS, SNS), AMI, Docker. Exposure to front-end application development using Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3 Promote quality culture - TDD/BDD, code scans, security scans and governance Good experience with CI/CD/DevOps processes and tools - worked in an environment where releasable code is delivered every two-to-four weeks.

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