We appreciate your commitment to your well-being and want to express our gratitude for your dedication when you become a Tata MD member.

When you successfully complete 80% of the tasks outlined in your care planogram, you will get an additional month of Tata MD healthcare services for FREE.​
If you complete 100% of the assigned tasks, you get an extra three months of Tata MD healthcare services for FREE.

Please Note

We want to remind you that we value your partnership in maintaining your health. Please be aware that if, at any point, you do not manage to complete all the assigned tasks within a 30-day period, your complimentary membership plan with Tata MD will discontinue.

However, we understand that life happens, and you can seamlessly continue your healthcare services by enrolling as a paid subscriber, subject to terms and conditions.

Your well-being is our priority, and we look forward to supporting you on your health journey with Tata MD. Thank you for choosing us as your healthcare partner.​