HPV Screening Made Accessible For Every Women, Everywhere

HPV HR RT-PCR Test: Benefits For Many

Value for Lab
  • Differentiate from other labs providing less accurate screening with only 16, 19 gene
Value for Women
  • True peace of mind against cervical cancer risk
Value for Clinician
  • Quickly and confidently eliminate cervical cancer in triaging
Value for Lab
  • Sample collection made easier; no need for extensive training
  • Deliver test anywhere- Home, clinic, lab or camp
Value for Women
  • Sampling in complete privacy
  • Safe, painless, and comfortable
Value for Clinician
  • Hassle free sampling for both patient and clinician
  • Easily integrate cervical cancer screening in periodic check-ups, better follow ups
Value for Lab
  • Utilise RT-PCR capacity developed during COVID
  • No additional CAPEX required
Value for Women
  • Increases availability of HPV tests
  • Lower screening cost
Value for Clinician
  • Increase availability of HPV tests
  • Lower cost for patient screening
Value for Lab
  • Process large test volume
  • Lower test cost
  • Easier storage and transportation; longer shelf life
Value for Women
  • Ensure safety before risk is even developed
  • Better result at lower cost
  • Lower intervals for screening – once in 5 years.
Value for Clinician
  • Identify risk much earlier for preventive care

Easy 4-step workflow

Step 1

Sample Collection, Transport & DNA Extraction

Step 2

Preparation of PCR Reaction & Plates or tubes

Step 3

Real Time PCR

Step 4

Data Analysis and Intepreatation

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