An end to end COVID-19 diagnostic solution

1. Tata MD CHECK RT-PCR CRISPR test kit

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2. Tata MD CHECK automated testing solution

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3. Tata MD mobile testing labs

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RT-PCR with CRISPR Advantage: Tata MD CHECK RT-PCR CRISPR is a world-class diagnostic test for COVID-19, based on FELUDA, a CRISPR Cas-9 based technology proven and popular in genetic engineering medicine.

Broad Application

The CRISPR Cas-9 platform underlying Tata MD CHECK can be easily extended to many applications in molecular testing, e.g. infectious diseases, oncology and new-born diagnostics.

FELUDA is developed indigenously by CSIR-IGIB, a leading Indian biosciences research institute. Tata MD CHECK RT-PCR CRISPR test uses Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) for the Amplification process and CRISPR-Cas9 technology to detect SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acids (RNA) in human samples. Diagnostic

Internationally Approved

India: Approved by DCGI as per ICMR guidelines

Europe: Tata MD CHECK is CE certified. Legally commercialised in the European Union


Tata MD CHECK automated testing solution


The Tata MD CHECK automated testing solution has been developed for large volume testing with quick turnarounds and has been implemented pan India to help in India's fight against COVID-19. Salient features of the solution are -

  • Customisable capacity levels
  • Requirement of low skill levels among lab technicians
  • Easy to implement even in a mobile testing lab
  • No cross-contamination risk.

The solution can be deployed in an existing NABL II approved molecular lab facility or Tata MD mobile testing labs for various lab testing applications.

Tata MD CHECK automated solution has been deployed to build COVID-19 testing capacity across India.

  • Tata MD enabled RT-PCR CRISPR testing is available at Aundh Government Civil Hospital in Pune with a daily test capacity of 2000 patients.
  • The State Government of Karnataka has deployed Tata MD CHECK automated COVID-19 testing solution in a mobile lab to increase testing capacity in the Tumkur district.
  • Large scale event-based COVID testing had been made accessible at the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar.

Tata MD mobile testing labs


Making COVID-19 testing more accessible, quicker, and safer across remote geographies.

Covering large geographies and responding to the testing demand surge is challenging with the traditional hub and spoke testing model of collection centres and central testing labs. Increasing testing labs is a time-consuming process limited by the availability of human and other resources. In addition, further expanding the collection centres for the existing labs raises biosafety concerns in transportation and increases result turnaround time.

Tata MD has developed a proprietary 3-room design Mobile Testing lab capable of conducting end-to-end on-site COVID-19 testing using the Tata MD CHECK RT-PCR CRISPR test to overcome these challenges.

The mobile lab helps to quickly build testing capacity, especially in rural and suburban areas where medical infrastructure is limited.

The mobile testing lab can be equipped with Tata MD CHECK automated or manual testing configuration depending on the capacity requirement. Tata MD mobile testing lab:

  • Reduces response time to increased testing need
  • Augments testing coverage with fewer resources
  • Eliminates sample transportation challenges and biosafety concerns